Atelier ATE is a French artistic duo comprised of Manon Ajorque and Nicolas Mehdipour. The pair have worked in their Parisian studio since 2020, having first met while working on a book publication together. Both artists have been in collaboration ever since, expressing their relationship through creative means. Manon Ajorque works in the mediums of painting, sculpture and collage. Her work centers around ideas of hybridization, the distortion of bodies but also the universe of dreams and the unconscious. Nicolas Mehdipour’s work focuses on painting subjects such as the body, the colossal and the human condition. The duo has exhibited throughout France and in South Africa.

Atelier ATE represents not only the practices of these artists as individuals - a third practice is created in the fusion of both artists’ work. Here they paint together on the same canvas in a simultaneous ‘four handed’ style. They allow each other to interfere with one another’s canvas, approaching similar subjects through common references and inspirations in a constant collaboration of ideas. They find that their own individual practice is enriched thanks to the other’s vision, allowing them to explore an alternative experience and discover new facets of themselves. It is an occasion to express their singularities, their differences and their shared passions. Through this silent dialogue they deal with personal subjects together, the narrative revealing itself as the joint painting process unfolds.



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